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A New Contest Between Rivals Pittsburgh and Cleveland

It’s an Old-Age Grudge Match

It’s a rivalry as old as its sports teams. Now the battle is up close and personal, and we’ve traded footballs for keyboards. Our team here at The Salvation Army in Pittsburgh has challenged the Salvation Army in Cleveland to a fundraising battle, igniting the flame of the heated football rivalry between the Steelers and the Browns. As we swell with Pittsburgh Pride in anticipation of Sunday’s New Year’s Day game against the Browns, we hope that all those dedicated Steelers fans can put their money where their heart is – prove to the world that Pittsburghers are more generous givers than Clevelanders.

Last year, we all heard about the study done by Charity Navigator that found Pittsburgh to be the country’s Most Philanthropic City. While we all boasted heartily of the news, I ask the question – can we prove it? This year, with the unending economic recession and unemployment, we need to raise critical funds for needy families. Families who once donated to The Salvation Army and are now in desperate need of grocery vouchers, help paying their heating bills, and winter coats for their children. Every penny in our kettle helps make a difference.

The competition is live now – with Pittsburgh way in the lead. But the battle plays out through January 31st, and we’re determined to crush the competition. Pittsburgh fans should log onto, and fill The Salvation Army Pittsburgh virtual kettle or even create your own cyber kettle as a part of our team and raise more dollars. The city with the most online contributions wins the contest – and in turn, countless needy families will reap the benefits.

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